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PRIDE Progress Tracking Tool

If you are a participant of our PRIDE program, you can check out PRIDE Progress Tracking Tool to see the progression of refugee participants within the program. Contact us to learn more about using this tool.

PRIDE (Partners of Refugees in Illinois Disability Employment) is a three year initiative that began in 2016. Our goal is to develop, field test and disseminate employment training and capacity-building programs that will improve vocational rehabilitation and employment options for refugees with disabilities in Illinois and elsewhere.
Core and Primary Partners
PRIDE would not be successful without the support from our core and primary partners PRIDE depends on collaboration with our core and primary partners, who work shoulder-to-shoulder with PRIDE’s team to develop employment pathways for refugees with disabilities. These partners include a mix of community non-profit organizations and public service agencies.

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Complimentary Partners
PRIDE is also supported by a large number of complimentary partners. Some are instrumental in helping us make our products culturally relevant and linguistically accessible. Others help PRIDE connect with refugee communities, businesses, potential employers, and employment-related resources.

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Advisory Board
PRIDE’s efforts are assisted by two advisory boards, a Community Advisory Board and a Business Advisory Board. Both boards include representatives from partner agencies as well as independent volunteers from PRIDE’s target communities. The boards guide PRIDE as we evaluate our policies and practices and develop new, customized employment programs at selected partner sites.

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Our team is always working for your betterment

Rooshey Hasnain, Ed.D, M.A.

Rooshey Hasnain, Ed.D, M.A.

Principal Investigator and Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Disability and Human Development, Undergraduate Program in Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago

+1 (312) 413-0416

Mansha Mirza, Ph.D

Mansha Mirza, Ph.D

Co-Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, University of Illinois at Chicago

+1 (312) 355-5427

Kathryn Duke, OTD, OTR/L

Kathryn Duke, OTD, OTR/L

Program Manager

Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Department of Disability and Human Development, College of Applied Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago

Sumithra Murthy, Ph.D Candidate, MPH, MBBS

Sumithra Murthy, Ph.D Candidate, MPH, MBBS

Senior Research Associate

Doctoral Student in Disability Studies
Department of Disability in Human Development
University of Illinois at Chicago
Aman Khan

Aman Khan

IT Product Analyst

Graduate Student, MS in Management Information Systems, University of Illinois at Chicago

Anurag Sinhal

Anurag Sinhal

Graduate Research Assistant

MS in Management Information Systems

Vineeta Ram

Vineeta Ram

Former Research Assistant

Graduate Student (Doctorate of Occupational Therapy), Department of Occupational Therapy, College of Applied Health Science, University of Illinois, Chicago

Ayush Misra

Ayush Misra

Former Research Assistant

Graduate Student, MS in Management Information Systems, University of Illinois, Chicago

Naba Khan

Naba Khan

Former Research Assistant

Graduate Student, Doctorate of Occupational Therapy, Department of Occupational Therapy, College of Applied Health Science, University of Illinois, Chicago


We have several resources to support employment for refugees with disabilities


PRIDE has developed an online disability awareness and resource training program for service providers who work with refugees and a three part employment training program for job-seeking refugees with a wide range of disabilities, and peer mentors. Both training programs will include information and resources relevant for each target audience. Our IRB-approved training programs have been fully developed and are posted on a password protected platform for all project participants enrolled in our PRIDE project.

Employment Resources and Tools

PRIDE is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive vocational assessment inventory (VAI). The VAI will help refugee service providers get a complete picture of their clients’ vocational interests, skill sets, and resource needs. This information will help service providers develop a personal employment plan for each client.

PRIDE is also developing an information technology tool that will help services providers connect clients with the community resources most relevant to their unique needs.

The VAI and the IT tool are currently under development and will be posted to this website when they are ready for dissemination.

Library of Resources & Connections

PRIDE seeks to create a library of resources and connections to help job-seeking refugees with disabilities.

Employer Links

PRIDE wants to connect disabled refugees with employers who are willing and eager to hire job-seekers with disabilities. Please check this page for links to organizations and employers who have hired people with disabilities or are interested in doing so.


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PRIDE was featured in the April 2017 issue of UIC News

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You can support PRIDE in many different ways

Become a volunteer
You can volunteer on one of our advisory boards. If you would like to serve on one of PRIDE’s advisory boards, please send an email to In your email, please specify which advisory board you are interested in serving.
You can also complete a volunteer internship at PRIDE’s central office. This might be a good opportunity for students and job-seeking individuals to build their resume. A minimum three-month time commitment is expected. If you are interested, please send an email to
Make an in-kind donation

You can make in-kind donations to PRIDE. If you are interested in donating food or supplies to support PRIDE’s advisory board meetings, please email

Make a financial donation of any amount

For more information about donating to Partners of Refugees in Illinois Disability Employment, please contact:

Keenan Cutsforth
Assistant Dean for Advancement
College of Applied Health Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago
808 South Wood Street
CMET, Suite 167, MC 518
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 996-1339


University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Disability and Human Development
1640 West Roosevelt Street
Chicago, IL – 60608

Rooshey Hasnain, Ed.D.
Phone: (312) 413-0416
Mansha Mirza
Phone: +1 (312) 355-5427

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